Wednesday, January 4, 2023

The Growing Tales of Ruby Lou: Flowers for Ruby

 Ruby Lou says one of the biggest perks to being an official Yesteryear Acres Doodle Doggie is getting to play with all the puppies.  Ruby Lou is a great big sister to all of our sweet puppies. They learn so much by playing with her and Ruby always has the best time ever.
Today's spotlight is on Ruby's buddy, Ms. Flower Collar Girl
Looks like it is picture time!
First we need head scratches
and chin scratches
That's the only way to properly prepare for photo taking
Sometimes a second round is necessary
What do you mean you are all done?
Alright Flower girl, guess we better get to "work"
Let's show everyone how well we share
Your turn
Thanks Ruby
You always pick the best toys!
How about I find the next one?
Would you like a green gummy bear?
She said yes!
and said I could have the first turn!
Ms. Flowers, you are the sweetest
We hope you find your FURever family soon
So you can fill their hearts with joy and happiness!
Because that's what flowers do best!!!!

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