Saturday, January 21, 2023

Caturday - Meowtains to Climb

Our Devon Rex are simply so busy! They have Meowtains to climb to keep us on track! 
Come on humans! Time to put on the rice for dinner!
Don't overfill the water!
Do you need a picture of my PURRfect face for instagram?
You might want to remove your robe so we can workout...
Gosh, keeping our humans on schedule is exhausting!
I had a whole meowtain of chores to do before my snuggle time!
They would be so lost without me
They certainly would never get things done around here!
Ready to make juice?
Of course you will need my help to do so!
Yup just what I thought, the purrfect blend of oranges
Now all that is left is to remind Mr. Yesteryear Acres to check the furnace, we better make sure the radiators stay nice and toasty!
Oh wait!!! Don't forget to put the brownies in the oven!

PHEW! Thank goodness for our faithful Devon Rex! How else would we ever get anything done around here!
Happy Caturday!

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