Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Growing Tails of Ruby Lou: I'll Stick with You

Ruby Lou loves to learn by watching others.  
Particularly her big brother Ernie McDoodle
"Hmmm looks like snowy sticks are something that should be enjoyed"
"Don't mind me... I'm just going to sneak in here and have a taste"
"Hmmm, but first we need to dip it into some more snow"
"It gives it a nice frosted woody taste.""YUUUUM! You are so Right Ernie!"
 "Uh Ruby.... Did I say you could have that much of MY stick?!"
"MOOOOOM! Sharing is caring isn't it!?"
There is plenty of snowy stick for both of you silly doodles!
"Yeah, as long as I get the bigger end!"
"Come and get it Ruby!"
"This is the best game ever! I'll stick with you Ernie!"
Double the Doodles, Double the Fun!

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