Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy 2023!!!

 Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!  From all of us at Yesteryear Acres we hope the New Year brings you joy and happiness and lots of love. We are looking forward to another year of
Loving our Doodle puppies
Creating in the Y Acres Studio
Raising adorable Devon Rex Kittens
and being grateful every day for Yesteryear Acres
Because our family
loves what we do!
The Y Acres Studio brings us so much joy
and our Doodle puppies fill our hearts with love
as do our Devon Rex Kittens 
So here's to another year of working hard in the Y Acres Garden
and celebrating all the joyous puppy moments
that fill our days and nights
And to more designing in the Y Acres Studio
creating the many things we love
with the people we love 
because work is never work went spent doing the things you love most
with the people you love the most
from the very newest addition
to the little girl we can't wait to meet
Happy Happy New Year
Here's to a wonderful 2023

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