Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Workout

 With it snowing, then raining, then melting, then snowing, and now half raining half snowing... It is simply too sloshy for me to take the dogs outside for a long walk today. I certainly don't want to fall, and I don't need the doodle doggies taking a mud bath either (no matter how much they like it, I just cannot deal with that much mud today). So I ask you... What is a 3rd trimester pregnant lady to do!? 
The answer is....  
Take 1 growing active double doodle puppy + 1 treadmill = Indoor Walk! 
Yes folks, that is right!
Today I taught Ruby Lou how to walk on the treadmill!
As you can see, she was quite proud of herself
And the best part, she kept wanting to do it!!!
I am so proud of her!!
Ruby says "New tricks are delicious!"
All by herself!!!!!!
"Look Mom! I workout!!!"
Now if I could only find the same motivation for myself today! Ha Ha Ha

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