Monday, August 14, 2023

Bedtime Books with Pink Raindrops

 Ruby Lou and Miss Pink Raindrops Girl had a very important question for me...
Can we hear a story?
We couldn't possibly go to bed without a bedtime book
Psst Pink Raindrops! I think it is working! Give her your best PAWlease face!
PAWleeeease Amelia?
We promise to go right to sleep when its over...
WHO could ever say 'No' to this face!?
RUBY! It worked!
Oh man! The gorilla is letting everyone out of their cages!

Hehehe! They all climbed into their bed! Hmmm that gives me an idea for later....
Time to turn the page!
She took them all back to the zoo
WAIT! She doesn't see the Gorilla!
Aha! I see his PAWfect plan!
What a good book! Time to go to sleep...
Okay time to climb into her bed!
SILLY Doodles! Baaaack to your beds!
Pink Raindrops Girl is looking for her FURever nighttime cuddle buddy! Please email us for more information on this sweet snuggly book loving girl.

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