Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Bright Squares I'd Pick You!

 The Yesteryear Acres Garden is really coming along this season, luckily we have an extra set of paws to help us with the picking and processing! Mister Bright Squares loves helping us meal plan with our fresh veggies like the good boy he is!
Ooooh yellow cherry tomatoes!
We should make a salad with these!
This zucchini is HUGE
We should definitely make dog treats out of this one!
I have the best ideas
Don't you think Amelia?
Oh Yes you do Mr. Bright Squares!
If you were in the garden, I'd Pick YOU!
This playful guy is ready to be "picked" by his forever family! Please email us for more information if you are looking to add a little brightness to your life!

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