Monday, August 7, 2023

William and the 3 Pup Pups

 William is having a terrific time playing with our 3 available Goldendoodle Puppies.  They have the sweetest temperament and are very gentle with William.  
The Pup Pups are here!
Come on Pup Pups!  Follow me!
Let's go this way
and let's go that way
They love me all the ways!!!
Pup Pups Come!
Good Pup Pups!
They are very good listeners
who give gentle cuddles
and snuggles!
The very best part about William and the Pup Pups
is that they know William is very unsteady on his feet
So they gently follow him around
without knocking him over
What good Pup Pups!!!!
2 Boys and 1 Girl - ready for their new homes now

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