Sunday, August 20, 2023

Quick Studio Sunday

 Hazel is starting to LOVE being forward facing in the carrier. BUT she munches on it a lot, making it pretty wet when we turn back around the other way when she gets tired. 
Exhibit A (or shall I say H): *Munch Munch Munch*
With only a few spare moments between taking care of our sweet puppies and my lil' cutie, I came up with the quickest solution I could think of... 
I selected this adorable soft jersey knit fabric
Who doesn't love leopards!?
And WILLY NILLY cut a section off the bolt
Yes you read that correctly! As an overly tired Mom short on time- I decided to go rogue in the Studio!
Hazel approved of my methods
Here is my obviously well thought out 'master plan'
Time for another snip!
Thank goodness I have Hazel for moral support
Let's do this baby!
"Go Mommy Go!"
Just add a few colorful snaps
And Ta-da!!!
Alas, my model fell asleep on the job
*Insert Baby Here* Look its imperfectly Perfect!
And if you open it up....
And snap it the other way...
You get a bonus bald spot protector
Hazel obviously loves it already 
AHA!! It actually WORKS!
One sleepy baby safe from her own slobbery munches!
Sometimes a quick Studio session- even when going rogue-Is exactly what you need!
Happy Sunday from the Y Acres Studio!

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