Thursday, August 24, 2023

After Dinner Shenanigans

If there is one universal truth in this world... It would be that all toddlers/children love to postpone their bedtime AS LONG AS humanly possible. This evening William and his Mama (Abigail) were ready to leave to go home and get ready for bed, BUT
William simply HAD to show his favorite lemur to Bright Squares Boy
And once he showed him the lemur, he had to show him the purple monkey too
After all the animals were named then it was time to teach the puppy how to use his tablet
Since there are a LOT of buttons to learn...
They needed to take a water break
After Bright Squares and William found the button for Cheerios it was time to work on some puppy commands
And everyone knows that training must go with...
Good Boy Pets
After good boy pets it was time for one last thing
Puppy Kisses!! Which reminded William of
His favorite lemur that he just HAD to show Bright Squares boy
"Hehehehehe oh yes, I see this lemur for the very first time, you are right tiny human!"
And the after dinner shenanigans went on and on and on
Fun was had by all, (except for William's Mama who was carrying a lot of bags waiting for William to say goodnight to everyone)
AH the life of a Toddler Parent!
Aren't Aunts just the best ;)
Have fun with your now very very very late bedtime!

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