Sunday, August 6, 2023

All the Hexies Y Acres Studio

 Background fabrics are so important when designing quilts or bags or any fabric creation. They give your eyes a place to rest while at the same time the background pieces allow the focal fabric piece to shine. Tula Pink Hexagons are one of my favorite background fabrics.  I LOVE color and tend to shy away from any neutral or single colored fabrics. I love a lot of movement in my fabric creations and the hexy prints provide a wonderful way for me to have both color and stillness.
Rainbow of Hexies
Purple Hues
Blues and Greens
Pinks, Orange and Black
Look at how much a background piece can change a focal piece.
Here is the Flamingo Hexy Print - giving the giraffes an overall pink feeling
Juniper Hexy Print
The giraffes are digging the retro 70's vibe
Fire Fish Hexy Print
The red and purple contrast really makes the foliage come to life
Sunshine Hexy Print
A soft quiet place for the giraffes
Peacock Hexy Print
A bright highlight for the Giraffe eyes
Chameleon Hexy Print
Straight up Jungle vibes!
Peach Blossom Hexy Print
Orange you glad you picked it?
 Can't wait to start our next creation!
Happy Studio Sunday!

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