Friday, August 18, 2023

Future Farmers Fri-Yay

Today we worked in the garden with our little future farmers to make it a super fun Fri-Yay!
But first, we had to feed the fish on the way to the garden!
William is getting really good at tossing dinner to the fish
With a little boost from his Mama of course
Come and get it fishies!
They were VERY hungry tonight
One last big toss toss! Bye bye for now fish!
Time for garden fun!
William is learning how to pick green beans
First you have to find them...
Then hold on tight...
Wohoo!!! You Did it!
William is now an expert green bean picker!
Just like his Mama!
Hazel can't wait until she is old enough to pick beans like her Mommy
Little farmers hard at work
The green beans are almost taller than Hazel!
One day you will be able to eat all these veggies little Hazel "BeaN"
Time to check our bags
Great job William!
Ah the perfect amount of green beans
"Welp this bag is empty.... 
Time to pick the rest of the garden!"
Our little farmers make the future a bright (and delicious) place!
Happy Future Farmers Fri-Yay!

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