Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 3.....still no 1/2 & 1/2

Sunday morning I awoke to the most horrific sight......absolutely no half-and-half in the refrigerator.  None. We were completely out.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres had no recourse but to put skim milk in my coffee. ACK! I barely survived Sunday.  Monday morning - still the same.  I was too busy to go to the store on Sunday and that left me with the same empty space in my refrigerator.  An empty screaming space that yelled, "FILL ME WITH HALF-AND-HALF!" All day Monday again - I was too busy to get to the store.  It was Puppy Picture Monday and website update day and I wasn't even done working until after 8pm.  I do realize that stores are open after 8pm but I have a particular loathing of running errands which incrementally multiplies with each passing hour of the day. My abhorrence over my missing half-and-half was obviously less than my hatred of running to the store last night.  This leads me to this morning where many tears were shed over my cup of morning coffee with skim milk. There was no enjoyment.  Today for sure I was going to GO to the STORE and get my half-and half!!!!!!!  That is when Mr. Yesteryear Acres hooked up the trailer to the SUV, loaded up the lawn mower and said he was going to his dad's house to go mow. ARGH!  I mean it is really really really nice of Mr. Yesteryear Acres to go take care of his dad's property BUT Mr. Yesteryear Acres cannot stop at the store with the big trailer full of lawn equipment.  That leaves me home.  Alone.  With no car.  And.........tomorrow morning will be day four.  Still no half-and-half.  I hope I survive.

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