Friday, June 17, 2016

Hay Hay We are Done!

Our first cutting of hay is done, stored and ready for winter! That is a huge thing off of our to-do list! We had the best 3 days of weather in a row and beat the storms and humidity and have the sweetest smelling hay.  I think it is beautiful!
X marks the spot!  Time to move the hay!

I love the way the bales of hay look in the field

Mr. Yesteryear Acres picking up the bales

Got it

Ready for the next step

Time to wrap the hay
The best hay wrappers around!



Good work!

That looks great!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres says that's enough cheering and picture is my turn to wrap the hay!!!

Making Progress

First rows to fill in all the other rows!

Another busy day comes to a close
Time to reflect, take a sunset picture, and....

Show thanks for another beautiful day at Yesteryear Acres

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