Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What is that Sound????

Mr. Yesteryear Acres was quite concerned with what he feared was surely a mechanical breakdown of some sort.  All he could hear was some weird humming buzzing whistle type sound.  He ran to the house and checked the upstairs window air-conditioner unit.  He was certain that it was on the fritz and he was ready to unplug it.  When he reached upstairs - the air-conditioner was fine. Mr. Yesteryear Acres then went to check the tractor.  Did someone start his precious tractor and then break it!?!?? No.  Not the tractor.  Perhaps it was the electric fencing.  The sound was driving Mr. Yesteryear Acres crazy.  He checked all the fencing and the charger and it was fine.  But WHAT is that sound? Mr. Yesteryear Acres even went as far to check the street to see if a car was dragging some metal down the road. What is that sound?  He finally asked Bri , "Do you hear that sound??? Something is broken somewhere and I cannot find it!"
Bri told Mr. Yesteryear Acres that the sound was ..... the plague.  The Cicada are here!!!!!! We showed Mr. Yesteryear Acres our field.
The 17 year life cycle that began underground in 1999 has emerged

Billions of cicadas will ascend upon Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. They can reach a density of 1.5 million cicadas an acre in some areas. 
And now we can listen to the deafening cries as the males desperately seek mates as they swell and swarm and scream and .... (I use this term lightly) "sing".  Our fields are filling up with the creatures.  Welcome to Yesteryear Acres 'Brood V'.  We eagerly await your departure.

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