Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's a Good Start

We have been so busy here that we haven't had any free time to pick strawberries.  We usually have several peck baskets picked by now and have a good 26 pints of jam already made.  This year...... nothing! Bri and I started early this morning to try to get at least a few quarts picked.  I can't imagine going an entire strawberry season without picking a single strawberry! The strawberry picking is particularly hard this year as the late spring frost did some serious damage to the plants. We didn't pick nearly the amount we had hoped but it is a good start.
Clusters like these are hard to find! 
Bri and I spent 90 minutes picking and we didn't even fill our baskets.  We are hoping that the warm weather this weekend will bring us better luck next week.  We have strawberry pies to make!  We have strawberry jam to make!  We have strawberry salad dressing to make! We have strawberry ice cream to make!
For now.......
I think a bowl of red ripe juicy strawberries and a bit of whipped cream will be the perfect way to end our day!

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