Thursday, June 9, 2016

Puppy Bags, Puppy Baths, Puppy Butts, & Puppy Nails

Today we have been busy getting all the little Doodle puppies ready for their big weekend! It is Puppy Going Home Weekend!  Our Spring Doodle babies will be making their way to their new homes.  We have puppy families coming from all over to pick up their new furry best friends.  First on our list today was filling the puppy bags with love from home.  We have baby blankets and toys and leashes and collars and brushes and more! The puppies really liked "helping" to pick out their favorite toys.  A toy would go in the bag......and the next second.....a toy would be pulled out of the bag.  Those puppies are just the best helpers ever!  Once all the puppy care packages were filled it was time for spa treatments.  Puppy nails trimmed - Check!  Under the tail trim - check! A little shampoo and bath - check!  The puppies are getting pretty excited.  It is almost PUPPY TIME!

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