Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Grass Says Thank You

Today I watered the lawn, watered the flowers, watered the seedlings, watered the hay field, watered the garden, and watered the hanging baskets.  I also added at least a good 1/2 foot of water to our pond level. I basically woke up a hero.  I mean - look at all I have accomplished!  All of Yesteryear Acres has been watered.  I assumed I would get loads of thanks and praise and maybe even a trophy for all my efforts.  That is when Mr. Yesteryear Acres claimed that HE watered the lawn, flowers, seedlings, hay field and garden.  What???  This certainly cannot be right.  Despite the fact that both of us took credit for all the hard work, neither one of us ACTUALLY did the watering.  We had FIVE inches of rain last night!!!!!!  FIVE!!!!  Most of it fell in a 3 hour time period.  Normally that would wreak havoc and cause so much destruction but not this time.  We were so dry here that the earth just drank in all that fresh rainwater like a sponge.  The grass looks greener.  The hay field looks greener.  The garden plants look taller.  The flowers look happier. The creek is running again and the pond level is much better.  Everything is watered and the thirst has been quenched. We are so grateful for the much needed rain! The garden and flowers and hay field and seedlings and the now green grass all say THANK YOU!

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