Monday, August 14, 2017

Blue's Double Doodle Puppy Picture Monday

Blue's Double Doodle puppies had some more playtime outside in the nice weather.  The best things all rolled up into one fun day- sunshine, grass, puppy friends, and Amelia hugs! What an awesome start to the week!
YAY! we are back outside in the warm grass!
Time to explore! follow me!
Wait, I smell something.....
You came to play with us! Puppy kisses for you!
Amelia doodle hugs are the greatest! 
Come on guys! Lets puppy pile Amelia again!
I think that big dog looks a little jealous of our hugs 
Playtime in the sun is the best!
Full of wagging tails and new smells to investigate
We hope your Monday is as great as ours!

Happy Double Doodle Picture Monday! We hope you have an awesome week!

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