Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Blue's Beauties

Blue's Double Doodle puppies are just starting to take short little ventures outside.  They are the cutest bunch of lovebugs and so much fun to snuggle with!
Oh boy!!! It's Mr. Yesteryear Acres
He makes everything more fun!
CUDDLE TIME!!! Me first, me first!!!
You are right! This grass stuff is kinda cool!
BEST DAY EVER! Amelia is here too!!!!
Amelia Smooches are the best!!!
Outside sure is fun! So many friends to play with!
Can we go back outside again tomorrow?!
Hi friends!
Amelia is part of our puppy pile!!!
Armfuls of puppies and paws are the best ones of all!
DAAAADDY can't I keep them all?!
Oh yes that one needs to come too!!
See?! They all fit!!!
Doodle snuggles are the best! Let's do that again!!!

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