Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Friends...?

My Mom blogged earlier last month that I had moved and I am now living closer to Yesteryear Acres. So far I am LOVING my new Victorian Home! I have many new friends that seem to have been included with my new digs. Some I will admit, I like more than others... 
Like Maverick's new kitty cat friend! I named her Curry. She's a very sweet outside cat who likes to hang around my house. I mean I MAY feed her all the time... but I think she just likes my home as much as I do :)

But NOT this... This mutant cricket spider shrimp like thing that I have been finding... I don't like him

I mean this one jumped at my face! What kind of neighborly greeting is that!? (That was prior to the squeal and stomp... He is pictured as the latter)

I don't mind this guy hanging around! Stick bugs never leap at your face!

And I would be amiss if I didn't mention all the old besties I brought with me!

Like my goofball Maverick doodle

And his sleepover buddies

My silly cat Gretel

And her equally doofy brother Hansel. Both of which are excellent unpacker helpers...

Not pictured are the sweet deer families who wander into my yard at night. I love your visits and your fawns are so adorable! And to the many bunnies that run away before I can take their picture, you are always welcome at my cottage! Here is to new friends in new places, and old friends who go with you no matter where you are! 



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