Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Just One Little Helper Left

Our white golden retrievers have all been chosen by the most awesome families and we feel so happy to be able to share our puppy love.  One cute white polar bear retriever is still here and ready to be a helper doggie.  Sadly the family that was supposed to pick him up this weekend can no longer make it.  The little girl that this puppy was going to be a service doggie for has become quite ill.  Their dreams of having a therapy/service doggie is going to have to wait until the little girl is well enough to enjoy having a furry best buddy. For now - this little guy is looking for his "furever" family and is ready for his new home now.
One Lovable Polar Bear Helper - At your service!
Let me show you all the things we learn here at Yesteryear Acres
Flower Identification 
Hi Flower!!!!
Walking on a leash
See? I can do it myself!!!!
What do you mean I am not supposed to walk myself???
Learning to Sit and Stay is very important. I think I am getting it!
Adventures are a must!!!!
Okay Olive......I will watch the fishies just like you do!
Last but certainly not least, Farm Chores are my specialty!
One Little Helper - ready for you!

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