Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mr. Yesteryear Acres Double Doodle Helper

There is one more Marmalade Double Doodle puppy available, Mr. Teddy Bear Collar himself! Mr. Yesteryear Acres decided to take Teddy Bear Collar out for a little play session in the grass to make sure he wasn't feeling too lonely. He was ready to help and put in some work to make Mr.Yesteryear Acres' day! 
OH boy! Playtime with Mr. Yesteryear Acres!! I MUST be a good boy!!
He even gave me his work handkerchief!
Ok, maybe I took it from his pocket....
.....but I am ready to help! SEE?!
Oh man but this tastes delicious 
Maybeeee I will just keep it. I mean look how good I look with it!
Ummmm Mr. Teddy Bear?
Can I have my handkerchief back so I can work? My face is sweaty!
Oh of course you can Mr. Yesteryear Acres!!!
We are on the way!!!
Almost there!
We made it! Thanks for always taking care of us!
You don't need your handkerchief yet, I'll clean your face for you!!
What a good Double Doodle helper!!
What else can we help with?!

Thank you for playing with me! I cant wait to see what we do next!! 

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