Wednesday, August 2, 2017

One Helper Ready for Duty!

It has been an amazing experience finding families in need of a furry friend helper! To see all the joy and hope that one puppy can bring is a beautiful thing indeed. I am just so excited for all the families who now have their bestest friend, companion, support, and bundle of joy. We have one more white golden retriever male who is looking for a family to help! If anyone knows of anyone who needs a helper therapy puppy, please send them our way! We have the most perfect lovable boy just waiting to fulfill his dreams! He is already learning a lot here at Yesteryear Acres and is ready to advance to the next level at his furever home!
Hello! Would you like some help?

I am really good at sniffing for things...

And chasing things...

As well as pointing at my toys

I am here waiting for you!

One helper ready for duty!!



  1. My husband is quadriplegic and I am his full time caregiver. I would love to have this little guy but I know there have to be a lot of others who could use him more than us. Thank you for giving these little ones such a good home experience. :)

    1. Toni - please email me. We would love to help.


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