Friday, August 4, 2017

Twas the Afternoon Before

Twas the afternoon before the storms rolled in and all through the garden 
not a plant was weed free and Mr. Yesteryear Acres was stirring
He jumped away from lunch and his plate fell with a clatter
"We must pull the weeds until the rain starts to splatter!"
Away to the garden we ran in a flash
with rakes, hoes, and a bag for the trash
We pulled and raked and pulled some more
until the weeds in the garden were no more
For the what to our wondering eyes should appear
a sunny rainless blue sky that was clear
Mr. Yesteryear Acres pulled the last weed with a twinkle in his eye
"Ahhh" he said with a wink, "even the weather knew better than to ruin the fun"
As I stood there and admired our work, I laughed and said "and thank goodness we hurried!"

I heard him exclaim ere we drove out of sight... "Stay away deer! No garden snacks tonight!"


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