Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Big Step

Peaches Double Doodle puppies are tiny little bundles of joy! 
Man! It is cold today! 
Maybe if I scrunch down the wind won't get me
Heh Heh Heh, just call me Frosty Paws
That was a good one wasn't it?
Guess we better do a bit of exploring before we go back inside
I can't get up on this big step no matter how hard I try 
Nope, still too tall 
I bet I can do it!
I just use the little step!!!!! 
My sister is so smart!  
But how do she get up the big step? 
We don't know!
Ummmm guys....Can you help me get down?  
Mr. Yesteryear Acres......we need help!
Thank goodness...Mr. Yesteryear Acres to the rescue just in time!

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