Thursday, December 14, 2017

The KEY to Happiness

On Tuesday, as soon as we were done with some of our outdoor farm chores, we noticed something way out in our field.  Was it the neighbor's pot-bellied pig?  Was it a turkey strutting about?   We had to find out.
Amelia...running ahead to solve the mystery 
It is..... 
A big purple ball 
of course the doodles were convinced it was a present left for them by Santa 
OH I love my new ball!
After playing with the ball with the doggies, we were frozen to the core.  It was a balmy 11* outside.  I couldn't even feel my toes.  That is when........
I. Can't. Find. The. Keys!
That's right.  I forgot my keys so I asked to borrow Mr. Yesteryear Acres keys.  The master set of keys.  The key ring that has the most important keys we own.  The master set to the house, and the tractors, and the buildings.  THE KEYS.  I ACCIDENTALLY DROPPED THEM SOMEWHERE IN THE HAYFIELD! We were now locked out of the house. We had to call our neighbor and wait for him to come home so we could get our spare set.  Then began the fun afternoon of searching and looking for the keys. We searched the hayfield for hours. And hours. Until there was no more light. 
Our source of comfort on a most distressing day.   
The next day we called in reinforcement for the search.  Certainly the cat can help!  We then spent hours with rakes, magnets and metal detectors. 
Mid-day status update 
Late Day status update.
Oh yes.  So much joy.   
The search continued all day.
And then.  The Christmas Miracle happened! MY DAUGHTER FOUND THE KEYS!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres told her that she found the KEY to happiness!  I agreed! Big hugs all around and so much relief.  The keys had been found right as the snow started to fall.
This is what Mr. Yesteryear Acres left for me by the house.  Even when I lost his was all around.
Thanks Key searchers
Key finder!!!!!

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