Monday, January 22, 2018

Cure for Winter Dreariness

During the winter it is harder to spend a lot of time outside. It can be quite grey, dreary, cold, and downright gloomy. Not every day is filled with sparkly snow happiness. So if you are feeling the dreariness of winter starting to seep into your bones, I have a cure for you...PUPPIES!!!! I know you are all shocked by this suggestion from me. Let Clementine's labradoodles and myself present you with the following arguments on why you absolutely need to adopt them...
They are great at snuggling and love warm hugs
Who doesn't love puppy kisses? Slurp!
Playing fetch will provide you both with quality time outside
Fetch can be so seriously fun that you need a photo finish to see who won
Because you will be laughing so much you might just miss it!
Pink Argyle girl says not to worry! She will always win the toy and your heart
Cherry Blossom girl will lead the way to wintery fun
Are you ready?
Come on! We have lots of toys!
Discovering new things with your pup will provide deep belly laughs
Like when they learn how to squeak their own toys and surprise themselves

The curiosity they possess will encourage you to leave the blanket fort behind and see what is going on outside... "um excuse me Miss? But how did you get up there?"
Donuts have never been so delicious and low in calories
Especially when learning how to retrieve!
"Here I come Austin!"
"I believe this is what you lost?"
Every moment inspires you to be a photographer
"Look how cute I am! Don't you want to start a new hobby and take my picture?"
"Don't forget my good side!"

Don't tell us that we are wrong! If you are looking for a cure for winter dreariness... We have doodles ready for new homes! They are waiting to make all your days full of sunshine and laughter.



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