Friday, January 5, 2018

Did Someone Say Popcorn?

If you were to ask Mr. Yesteryear Acres if he ever shares his food with our four-legged family members, he would say, "of course not!"  He would deny sharing his sandwiches, his apples, his scrambled eggs, his morning toast, his ice cream, or his carrots. He would say the doggies and kitties all eat doggie and kitty food.  They don't eat people food.  He would say that it is just a coincidence that the doggies and kitties ALL SIT next to him whenever he eats.  He would say that it is just circumstantial evidence that I find him surrounded by four-legged family members whenever he just happens to have a plate of food.  It is inexplainable as to why the doggies all run to the kitchen whenever he opens the refrigerator.
All I have to say is I offer this picture as evidence.......
I simply will title this picture.....
"Did someone say popcorn?!"

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