Sunday, January 21, 2018

People in High Places

It has been said that it is good to know people in high places. You never know when you will need to look up to them for their help, wisdom, or connections. We are very happy to have someone in high places here at Yesteryear Acres... Our faithful catdoodle Dottie! She is just the best supervisor we have ever had. Dottie has taken it upon herself lately to promote herself to head of farm security. Today it was warm enough to to use the ladder to take down the rest of the bows we put up for Christmas. Dottie followed us everywhere to ensure we were completing our tasks up to her standards. Which included the top of one of our outbuildings!
Yes Dottie we remembered the bow that was here
Using height to her advantage... Dottie triple checked that all of the bows made it into the house.
Once the job was completed to her satisfaction, she meowed until Austin provided a long board to serve as her royal ramp back to the ground. Thankfully the fire department wasn't needed! Just a very helpful, very tall brother!
Thanks for all your hard work Dottie! You are the best!



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