Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lily's Lovely Lads

Lily has two lovely lads from her litter of goldendoodle puppies that are ready for furever homes! 
Mr. Orange Collar boy says, Aren't I adorable?
Oh my gosh this thing matches my collar!
I wonder if it tastes delicious?
Dear mysterious thing in the ground... I love you
Wait what did you just throw Mr. Yesteryear Acres?
Don't worry! I will get it for you!
Come back here
You silly little frog!
Oh Amelia! I didn't see that you still had the camera out...
POSE! Is that a good one?
How about now?
Uh Mr. Orange? Can I have a turn now? You know your brother Mr. Black Pawprints? SHARING IS CARING!
Excellent! I spy a toy just for me!
Uh yes my brother would like this one, Thank you
Let me just test it out really quickly... 
Oh yes this is perfect! 
Good choice brother! I love it!!
I am SO strong! I am going to take him for a walk!
Where should we go dear toy of mine?
I love you so much red dog! I would never ever...
WAIT! Can I have this one too??
OHH and this one too! We promise to share!

Looking for new PAWrents for our available doodle babies! Tail Wagging Devotion Guaranteed!



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