Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lily Goldendoodle Winter Fun

Lily's puppies have mastered the art of winter fun.  Snow time is fun time!  Mother Nature made sure we are not in short supply of that white stuff here at Yesteryear Acres!
Embracing her inner Elsa..."The cold never bothered me anyway!"
"It's Bri!! That means it is time to play in the winter wonderland!"
"If I can just make it over the snow fort I built..."
"...alllllllmost there....."
"Whew. Made it. My snow fortress was built by a professional!"
"We are here Bri! Time to play!!!"
"FREEZE Tag! Let the Winter Games begin!"
"Tag you are it!!"
"Bri is base!"
"She gives the best warm hugs!"
"I think we are just about ready for round two..."
(sneak attack) "HA! TAG YOU ARE IT!"
"Run run run!"
"There is SNOW place like home!"
"Look how fast I can go!"
"Did you see me?! Did you see what I did!"
"Mrs. Yesteryear Acres!!! You came to play in the snow too!!"
"This is the best snow day ever!"
"Can we stay out here forever?!"
"What do you mean we will get cold?! Five more minutes???"
"I am never going inside!"
"And neither are you! HA!"
"You can't catch me! I am the fastest polar bear around!"
"Thank you for playing with us! We love you SNOW very much!!"
What a perfect fun and snow filled day!

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