Monday, January 15, 2018

Available Clementine Cuties

We still have a few Clementine Doodle puppies available and ready for their new homes this weekend. They are a sweet bunch of snow loving cuddle bugs!
We are doing great with our housebreaking training
First we come outside
Then we make sure Mr. Yesteryear Acres has shoveled a path for us
Looks good Mr. Yesteryear Acres
Good thing we don't have to climb this snow mountain!
But what if we wanted to climb it?
Maybe we should give it a try
Let's go see just how high the mountain is
Looks pretty tall to me!!
Maybe we should get some help
Do you know anyone who can help us?
I know! 
Let's call Austin!
Can you make a path for us?
He is coming!
Austin - I like the snow just like this please
Let's help him!!!!!
How are we doing?

You missed a spot
There you go Austin!
It looks pretty good now!
Hey....It is still deep over here
Thanks Austin!
Now we can run run run run run!!!!
That was SNOW much fun again!!!
Happy Monday!!!!

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