Thursday, January 25, 2018

Find the Hidden Snow Piles

Last night white fluffy snow carpeted all of Yesteryear Acres. It was the kind of snow where you could really make out all the individual snowflakes in all their beautiful glory. It was absolutely gorgeous. We were all excited to have another snowy winter day today, but much to Maverick's dismay, almost all the snow melted by early afternoon. Grits and Maverick then spent the rest of the day playing"find the last of the hidden snow piles" and chased each other all over the place! Sliding and jumping from one pile of leftover snow to the next, they made the best of the snow they could find. They made me laugh so much I was actually a little grateful for the melting of my winter wonderland... But don't tell mother nature I said that!
Hey Amelia! HEY AMELIA! 
Guess what I found on the ground?! SNOW!
Hey Grits!! Want to find the leftover snow and jump in with me?
Let's go!! 
Here's some! 
I got this patch! POUNCE!
What's so funny Amelia? 
We are just enjoying our 'snow-you-can-find' day 
We will not give up until all the snow is found
Slurp! That snowflake was delicious! 
This is our best new favorite game EVER!

Thank you dear doodles for making my day full of laughter and fun. I love you goofballs so much.



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