Friday, January 19, 2018

I May Be a Little Biased...

Today has been a very busy day at Yesteryear Acres! Besides our everyday work list we always have to accomplish, all our beautiful snow is starting to melt adding extra items to our To Do list. Cleaning up melting icicles from the gutters, sweeping the steps, etc etc. We also have puppies going home to their furever families starting tomorrow morning and they needed their Yesteryear Acres' bag of goodies packed. We can't have our babies go home without their favorite blanket and toys! I even made sure to get my extra cuddles and snuggles in with the puppies that are going home tomorrow. I know I will miss them! But even with the busy day, I love my job! I love playing with our doodles and seeing my family. When we get busy, we stick together and check all our items off our list - or in some cases many lists! Our family life is so unique and I am so grateful for every minute of it! Now I say this next part knowing I MAY be a little biased... BUT I think everyone should have a doodle! They bring families together and smiles all day long! If you or someone you know is looking for a furry family member, please contact us! We are looking for the best families for our sweet doodle babies and we have puppies ready for you!! Full of Love and Tail Wagging Devotion.

Looking for my furever family
Did we just hear our favorite squeaker toy go into that bag Amelia?
Oh boy! I sure did! Let's get Amelia!!!
You mean I have to wait until tomorrow?!
Don't worry puppies!!! You will have your very own furever families to come get you soon! 
Maverick says it is worth the wait for your own human family!
Until then....
More Yesteryear Acres snow romps!



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