Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Thanks Ohio

This week has brought us some crazy weather! From the 50* sunshine day, thunderstorms late Monday night, to all this snow that is starting to fall- we are seeing it all! Every time I go outside I feel like I have to stick my arm out the door to see what I need to put on or take off. Extra layers? T-shirt? Extra socks?Snowsuit?? I can't tell what season it is anymore! THANKS OHIO! Although I do have to say, the silver-lining in all of this is that all our doodle puppies are acclimated to any weather that might be waiting for them at their furever homes! They have learned that they still have to go potty outside even when it is snowing, pouring down rain, storming, or sunshiny warm! Thanks Ohio for providing a myriad of training conditions!
Hmm this stretch feels a little colder than earlier? 
SLURP! Oh my goodness the snow is back!
Amelia says I still have to go potty...
Hehehe guess I will make some yellow snow!

We will see what our next potty break weather will bring us! Maybe springtime will be back in the next 15 minutes!



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