Sunday, March 17, 2019

Austin School

Our son Austin has been spending most of his free time working with the police training their police dogs.  He loves training dogs and the added challenge of police dog training is pure joy for him.  This afternoon was "Austin School" time at Yesteryear Acres.
Group Sit 
Group Stay 
Now individual dog commands while the other doggies stay and watch 
"Down" and "Sit" and "Come" 
Each doggie doing great with their own commands 
Now the hardest part of all.....throwing the treasured and precious ball.....AND LEAVING IT THERE 
I am sure Hickory feels tortured at this point 
"Look at that lonely ball!  And I have to leave it!" 
Olive and Hank are very focused on the command work 
Hickory walked past his beloved ball and is waiting for the "Go Get It" command 
Next up is Hank 
Both dogs did great in leaving the ball behind
and now....... 
REWARD!  Time to play fetch! 
Hank wanted to share a few tricks...."Sit Pretty"
"Pound It" 
Thank you very much sir
Great work today!

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