Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: First Day of Spring Walk

My sweet fluffy double doodle puppy weighs 69.0 lbs today! I think the first day of Spring has inspired him to grow like all the spring buds popping up everywhere! Ernie McDoodle and I took a nice Spring walk and worked on some off leash time. I am always so impressed with how much eye contact he gives, and how often my doodle checks back in with me- Especially now that there are so many new things to smell!
FREEDOM!! I love walks!

Wait! Mom Aren't you coming!?

Can we go around the pond?

OH BOY! I just love looking for fishies!

Wait for me! I'm coming!

Can I try going on the rock dock please?

I am the coolest doodle ever!

Now I can see all the things!

Thanks for exploring with me Mom!
Ernie McDoodle you make me so proud!! You get an A++++ on our walk today!



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