Sunday, March 10, 2019

Studio YA - The Making and Re-Making of a Quilt

Yesterday I decided to sew a jelly roll quilt
I love the Batik Blue Colors 
Organizing all the colors
One single strip 2.5" wide and 2,080"long
Next step is to take the end of the long strip and sew it to the beginning
Now it is 1040" long - 2 rows wide
Then the end of the double strip is sewed to the beginning creating a 4 row wide by 520"long strip
Bet you guessed the next step! 8 rows wide by 260" long
16 Rows wide by 130" long
Voila! 32 rows wide and DONE!
Only one problem.  
I don't like it.  By sewing the end to the beginning, the beautiful ombre pattern I originally created was randomized and I no longer loved the layout. I decided to sleep on it and see how I felt in the morning.
My feelings didn't change.  I was going to go ahead and quilt it when Mr. Yesteryear Acres encouraged me to cut apart the quilt I just made. I really wanted to cut it - but I just finished it!  How could I cut apart what I just sewed together?!!!!
One strip at a time!
I then flipped alternate rows
And loved my new layout!
2 rows sewed back together
I love it! Thanks Mr. Yesteryear Acres for the encouragement!
Next up QUILTING for the first time ever!

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  1. You should start selling these! I’d totally love a quilt like this, and so would the doodles!


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