Friday, March 1, 2019

Ernie Says YAY for Friday!

Happy March First everyone!!! I can't believe in just a short time, Ernie McDoodle will officially be 6 months old!! Today my little Double Doodle puppy weighed in at 64 pounds!!! I suppose I should stop calling him little! I think eating his vegetables is really starting to show in his growth, that's what Ernie tells me anyways!
He is growing up to be quite the handsome Doodle

Currently, Ernie's favorite things include: Being brushed

Peanut Butter Noses
"What? You mean there is something on my face?"

Story Time- AKA what are you eating and please tell me all about it

Making me laugh- Nothing to see here...
But, most of all Ernie LOVES to play hard then nap hard...He's doggone tired!

"Hey Mom! Is it time to go home and cuddle yet!?"




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