Monday, March 25, 2019

Puppies and Mondays - Perfect Combination

What is better than cute puppy pictures for Monday?  Lots of cute puppy pictures for Monday!!!!
Mango's Double Doodle Boys are getting bigger  
This week Mango's puppies start solid food 
And will really start to grow 
Mango's Caramel Girls
Can't quite stay awake for picture time
Feels more like Snuggle Time!!!!!  
Petunia and Glacier have our newest spring babies  
Sweet Teddy Bear Goldendoodles!  
Scout's F1B Goldendoodle Boys say they can't wait for dinner!  
We heard we get solid food today!!!! 
Scout's girls say, "Smells pretty good to me!" 
 Mmmmm Mmmm Good!
Happy Monday!

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