Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Generational Happiness

Studio YA is upstairs which means I really get my steps in during the day. It also means that it is a very long journey for Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents. Stairs are incredibly difficult and painful for them to navigate and they haven't been up to the challenge of making it to see Studio YA. This past weekend however both of Mr. Yesteryear Acres parents made it upstairs to see it!!!!!  It really meant so much to me and the best part of all was that they LOVED it! We ended up spending a few hours up there and had just the best time.
It was awesome to sew a project together with Mr. Yesteryear Acres mom 
Craft Table Construction talk 
It is always great to get Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad's approval! 
Generational Happiness 
A Spring present from Amelia for them to take home
Thanks for making the trip upstairs!!!!!
Ready for you to place a custom order!

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