Monday, June 3, 2019

I Found a Hug

What makes every day a good day?
Sweet Nutmeg Labradoodle Puppies to Love 
Outdoor adventures are always so fun 
Time to explore 
Come on everybody! 
Let's see what we can find 
I found a blue bone! 

Let me see! 
I found Amelia! 
I found a ball!!! 

I know what I am looking for.... 
I found a hug! 
Well I am going to get a kiss! 
Got it! 
Days like these are the best 
Group Photo time 
Everybody ready? 
We are ready! 
What about the other 2 puppies???? 
Hurry up and get in the picture! about a 4 puppy picture? 
Ha ha - I wanted Amelia all to myself!
Happy Monday!

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