Wednesday, June 5, 2019

This way ... That way

Maple's puppies enjoyed a fun little romp outside in between the rain showers.
Let's hurry and play before it rains again!
The dark clouds are rolling in 
Guess we better get our walk started! 
Let's go Amelia! 
This way and....... 
That way 
Or both ways! 
This is good exercise 
It is always more fun when you exercise together! 
That was a great workout little puppies! 
Good Job! 
Kisses and 
more kisses and 
even more kisses!!!! 
This was such a fun break 
Thanks Amelia 
Recess is always fun with you! 
Thank you puppies! 
Break time is always fun with puppies!
Amelia - I felt a rain drop
Yep! Tastes like rain 
We better head back inside 
Come on guys!
Let's go 
We don't want to get soaked
I'm coming! 
Me too! 
Let's take a nap so we will be ready to play again!

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