Friday, June 7, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: The Case of the Cuddle Bugs

Ernie McDoodle has been extra extra EXTRA cuddly lately! Everywhere I go, there is my 86 pound Double Doodle waiting for me to pause so he can come cuddle with me.
Hey Mom... Whatcha Doing?

Any chance you are ready for some cuddles?

Guess I will curl up with Scooter until you are done eating lunch...

Oh boy you sat down!!! It must be cuddle time!!

The SNUGGLE is real

Ahhhh much better
And it looks like the cuddle bug is contagious!
Maverick's got a case of the cuddles too!
And we can't forget Mister Hedgehog!! He needs a hug too!
We hope you have a very cuddly snuggly weekend!



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