Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Growing Tails of Ernie McDoodle: Look Mom!

Every week my mom and I go to a beginner quilting class to practice and gain new quilting knowledge. We are almost done with our first 7 week set of classes, woohoo! I am so excited to see our finished projects! However, much to Ernie McDoodle's dismay, this means once a week he has to be without me from 10am-1pm. And this week during his 'no mom time' he took upon himself to be EXTRA helpful and really get the paper. I came back to Yesteryear Acres to find this...


"Hi Mom! Did you see my present for you!?! I got the paper!"

"I didn't know who to hand it to... So I tried to read it"

"Then I remembered that I can't read... So I did some art! Do you like it?"

OHHHH Ernie McDoodle! You are so lucky you are too cute for words!! After cleaning up shreds of newspaper all around the house, I placed another order with Chewy and some tough interactive toys are now on the way! Here's hoping I picked some winners and Ernie doesn't try to help get the paper again! Come on Chewy!! We can't wait for our box-o-fun! 



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