Tuesday, July 7, 2020

60 Years of Excellence!

It is Mr. Yesteryear Acres 60th Birthday today!!!!! In keeping all our friends and family safe and healthy we did not have a big 60th party to celebrate but Amelia and I have been making all of Mr. Yesteryear Acres favorite things to help make his 60th birthday a great day!
Amelia started the day off with a full Irish Breakfast!!!! 
And maybe one or two leftovers! 
And while Mr. Yesteryear Acres worked out in the garden.....
Amelia and I made some fresh raspberry jam 
Sliced some fresh peaches 
Squeezed several lemons
Peeled and pureed a dozen peaches  
and made some fresh squeezed peach lemonade!
and a freshly toasted ciabatta roll, fresh sliced peaches, brie cheese and
warm fresh raspberry jam sandwich!
Still ahead - Vanilla Bean Cheesecake
a big homemade dinner with all his favorites!
Hope we made your day a tasty one Mr. Yesteryear Acres!
Here's to 60 Years of Excellence!

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