Thursday, July 16, 2020

Guess It Is Time!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been doing all the errands since the beginning of March.  He does all the shopping, all the banking, all the trips to the mill, warehouse clubs and post office - everything.  He has been wearing his mask and gloves and has been super safe.  Amelia and I have been waiting for things to change and it seems like that just isn't going to happen anytime soon. This was in the newspaper today......
Guess it is time to make masks! 
We need to pick out some favorite fabrics for our own masks....
what shall we choose???? 
This seems like a good start 
Tiddlywinks and Elephants make running errands better! 
If you have to wear a mask - you might as well LOVE it!
 And we LOVE the Tiddlywinks!!!  
And foxes!!!!!!! 
Reversible of course 
Spring Floral mask
Brightly Blooming Magenta 
Everyone knows hedgehogs love to stay 6 feet apart!
Obviously we both needed Tiddlywinks! 
Gotta let your light shine! 
Elephants love to run errands 
No matter what color they are!
We know you can buy masks anywhere but if you want to add a little color and happiness to your day, we have tons of fabrics to choose from and would love to make your masks!
Have a safe and healthy day!

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