Monday, July 6, 2020

Blue's Happy Tail Waggers

Blue's Double Doodle puppies will all be heading to their new homes starting this Sunday so it seemed like a good time to post tons and tons of happy Blue puppy pictures!  
Blue has the happiest tail wagging puppies around! 
Did somebody say, "wag their tail?" 
Cause we can do that! 
We do that all day! 
We also have the biggest smiles! 
It is easy to smile when life is so fun 
We love to come running when we are called
Here we are! 
Let's do that again!!! 
It's as easy as 1..... 
That was a good one! 
Mr. Yesteryear Acres playing with you is always fun 
I think that's why we call it - 
Tail Wagging Devotion! 
Happy Tail Wagging Monday!

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