Thursday, July 2, 2020

Our Favorite Gardener

The Yesteryear Acres Garden is looking great so far!  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been doing an excellent job tending to our veggies!
Potatoes anyone? Yukon Gold and Red Potatoes
Every garden has to have tomatoes! 
Can't wait to start making salsa 
Okra - and yes - it is delicious oven roasted!!!!
Lemon Balm 
Broccoli and Cauliflower for all those cruciferous needs
Hey Tractor Man! 
I really like your corn 
Thanks Ernie McDoodle! 
Eggplant Blossoms 
Sage and Basil 
Now that's award winning cabbage!
Knee high by the Fourth of July?????? 
More like DOODLE high by the Fourth of July! 
Can't wait for the sweet corn!
Awww Shucks!  That's a lot of corn! 
Our favorite gardener!!!!!
Thanks for all your hard work Mr. Yesteryear Acres!

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